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POWER-ENGLISH: My oath--We are all one!!!  

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My Oath

We are all one!

Many people go to school for an education. They learn languages, history, geography, physics, chemistry and math. Others go to school to learn a skill so that they can make a living. School education is very important and useful. Yet no one can learn everything from school.

In the past, professors taught, students absorbed, and then they left. Students, teachers and parents are  all struggling for high scores from primary school to college.

This is because the current education system is not aimed at student’s quality, but only at developing their ablating to perform well on tests. As result, many students, even those with high scores, often do poorly when it comes to the practical application of what they have learned.

Its impressive how hard Chinese students study and how they perform in the exams. Though quality-oriented education has been set as a future goal, the examination-oriented education system still dominates.

Too many students attempt to learn English with their eyes. Students often read textbooks, study vocabulary books, and study grammar books. They also do exercises in workbooks and test preparation books. However, none of these activities will improve your speaking. You will not improve your speaking by learning with your eyes.

In school most of us learned very weak beliefs. Therefore, most English students lack confidence. They feel nervous about English. They think they are “not good at English”. They believe that English speaking is very difficult. None of these beliefs are true.

Unfortunately, in Middle School, High School, and University, most students learn new negative beliefs. Their teachers force the students to memorize grammar rules and take tests. Students learn to believe that there is only one right answer for every question. They learn to fear mistakes. In school, students are embarrassed to make mistakes—and thus they fear speaking.

By the time they are adults, most English speakers have many negative beliefs about speaking English. These beliefs destroy their confidence. These beliefs, therefore, destroy their motivation. Most adult English learners feel stressed and nervous.

Lao Tzu, In pursuit of knowledge every day something is acquired .In pursuit of wisdom, every day something is dropped.knowledge is about information. Wisdom is about transformation. Stated simply, such a concept holds that the function of education, the goal of education---the human goal, the humanistic goal, the goal so far as human beings are concerned---- is ultimately the self—actualization of a person, the becoming fully human. It is helping the person to become the best that he is able to become.That Be all you can be.The one real objective of education is to leave a man in the condition of continually asking questions .China's rapid economic development has intensified academic competition.

The treasure within: learning to know; learning to do; learning to live together; learning to be. And reinforce education of humanities arts social sciences. Education must be internationalized.

Quangang Education Thoughts

Inspirational Words

      Watch your thoughts, they become words;

                   Watch your words, they become actions;

                   Watch your actions, they become habits;

                  Watch your habits, they become character;

                 Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

                                Nothing should be spoken before it has been heard.

                                Nothing should be read before it has been spoken.

                                  Nothing should be written before it has been read.

Speaking and writing are the most important of those skills, since to some extent they presuppose the other two.

Grammar must be learned through language, and not language through grammar. Language is best learned when used for meaningful communication.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. Sentence patterns are Power.  Sentence patterns can help you master spoken English. Sentence patterns make you a master communicator!

Watch your minds, they become thoughts. Teachers are engineers of human soul. I have a soul above material pleasures. Our beliefs strongly influence our results. We lack neither food nor clothing today. But I cant finish my work because I lack money. I met with many difficulties, for I lacked equipment, experience , technical dataoffice and library.

QUANGANG has the utmost respect for the feelings of our students. We care for and love each student equally, and through consistent encouragement and evaluation, we strive to create a happy, comfortable and harmonious learning atmosphere. Classroom interaction and entertainment make teaching activities more visual and interesting to the students, building their enthusiasm for learning.

The big fish eats the little one, the little one eats the shrimp, and the shrimp is force to eat mud. What a student eats and drinks is important, why.

Change is inevitable! The digitize teaching brings the challenge to the English teacher of the university of our country. The emphasis of change however may not lie in the structure or physical constitution of a campus. Rather, it needs to be gravitated towards the education, management, learning, and interaction models.

In working earnestly to improve our work style, we must oppose formalism and bureaucracy, refrain from building "image projects" that waste both money and manpower in the pursuit of personal fame, correct such undesirable practices as falsifying reports, boasting and dictating orders to the people, and resist extravagance and waste.

All our teachers have graciously consented to take some of our classes. One of the goals of our school, in addition to teaching English, is to promote understanding and cooperation between the teachers and students. I must be willing to give whatever it takes not to harm other people and, in fact, to do good to them. The old woman is good-heart, and I have seen her do many an act of kindness.

In short, a new system is needed that matches the philosophy and progression of the information age.

I have setting my sights on it for long time. I have devoted myself to create the system of Quangang education and Power-English teaching system from 1998. We set to work accumulating a huge mass of data And well be building it into the first class’s Micro -net college.

I am a farmer planting ideas. I hope you derive wisdom and obtain wealth from my farm.


I am a farmer to seed and breed ideas. I hope you derive wisdom and obtain wealth from my farm.


Scholars are a quiet breed. She bred her daughter to become a statesman. I will breed you to become a manager.


Quangang education is the global organization for flexible learning and teaching. An important aim of Quangang is to intercultural co-operation and understanding through flexible learning and teaching throughout the world.

Chinese nation has a vast reservoir of creativity. The brilliant culture created by Chinese people has exerted a deep going influence on the progress of human civilization. The masses have boundless creative power.

Our country has history of 5000 years of it. I want to speak good English. I love Chinese language . Its spoken by more than billions of people in the world. It is a beautiful language. More and more foreigners are starting to learn Chinese now.

My ambition is to be a Chinese teacher. I would be nice to my students. Would you like to be an international Chinese?

The biggest difficult to someone is to conquer himself.  Let’s talk in English. Let’s teach Chinese to foreigners. It’s my dream to spread English throughout China and Chinese throughout the world. I will stick to it! I will definitely succeed!

I want to share this dream with all my friends all over the world. Lets make miracles together! Lets just do it!


Seeing the China's booming developmental today, we have every reason to look forward to a still bright further for China. A much better and brighter future awaits usLet us join hands and work.


China is entering the age of Wealth and Knowledge. How can we be qualified to meet this great challenge?

With QUANGANG EDUCATION your handsyour career is only limited by your ambition. Other's notes cannot replace your own understanding. May you find and create something new in it.

Life is a profound book. Don't be disappointed on the journey of life. There are friends in the world. Seize your chance and value your opportunities.


What delight a friend come from far away. We are all one!

Would you like to know the art of the worldly wisdom? 




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