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弟子规 圣人训 首孝悌 次谨信
These standards for students are guidelines, handed down to us by Ancient Stages.
First, obey and care for your parents, and then practice true brotherhood. 
泛爱众 而亲仁 有余力 则学文
Learn to be careful and honest, and cherish all living beings.
Draw near to good-hearted people, and study whenever you can.

第一章 孝 (On Being Filial At Home)
父母呼 应勿缓 父母命 行勿懒
When mother and father are calling, answer them right away.
When they give you instructions, obey them without hesitation.


父母教 须敬听 父母责 须顺承
When your parents need to instruct you, respectfully do as you’re told.
Whenever your parents must scold you, acknowledge your errors and faults.


冬则温 夏则凊 晨则省 昏则定 
In the winter make sure they are warm, in the summer make sure they are cool.
Each morning cheerfully greet them, at night see their rest is secure.


出必告 返必面 居有常 业无变
Before going out , tell your parents. Let them know when you come in.
Settle peacefully in your home, and finish what you begin.


事虽小 勿擅为 苟擅为 子道亏
No matter how small the affair , don’t just do as you please.
If you act just as you please, then you’ve not been a dutiful child.


物虽小 勿私藏 苟私藏 亲心伤
When good things ,though small , come your way. Give your family their rightful share first.
If you hoard up the best for yourself, kinfolk’s feelings are sure to be hurt.


亲所好 力为具 亲所恶 谨为去
Whatever your parents enjoy, do all you can to provide.
Whatever your parents dislike, you should earnestly cast aside.


身有伤 贻亲忧 德有伤 贻亲羞
Whenever you injure your body , your parents feel grief and alarm .
Whenever you damage your virtue , your family’s good name comes to harm .


亲爱我 孝何难 亲憎我 孝方贤
When parents have loving regard . Obeying them is not hard ,
Parents who are hateful and cruel , test the worth of one filial heart .


亲有过 谏使更 怡吾色 柔吾声
When your parents do something wrong , exhort them to change for the better .
On your face a kind expression , in your voice a gentle tone .


谏不入 悦复谏 号泣随 挞无怨
If they cannot accept your advice , kindly tell them again ,
Or use tears to move them with feelings . If punished , you never complain .


亲有疾 药先尝 昼夜侍 不离床
When parents are ill , call the doctor ,be sure the prescription is right .
Wait on them day after day , at their bedside by day and by night .


丧三年 常悲咽 居处变 酒肉绝
For three years after their passing , remember them always in sorrow .
Don’t go to parties and shows , and don’t eat meat or drink liquor .


丧尽礼 祭尽诚 事死者 如事生
See to the funeral arrangements , honor your family ties .
Serve your departed ancestors , as you honor your kin while alive .


第二章 悌 (Chapter2: On Practicing True Brotherhood)

兄道友 弟道恭 兄弟睦 孝在中
When all the brothers are friendly, and sisters show respect, the harmony blessing these children, is a sign of the Filial Way.


财物轻 怨何生 言语忍 忿自泯
If wealth is not viewed as essential, how could resentment arise?
When words are both gentle and patient, bad feeling will soon disappear.


或饮食 或坐走 长者先 幼者后
When people are eating and drinking, or when it is time to sit down,
Let those who are older go first; The young ones should follow behind


长呼人 即代叫 人不在 己先到 
If an elder is looking for someone, you run the errand instead. If the 
Person you seek can’t be found, return and offer to help in his place.

称尊长 勿呼名 对尊长 勿现能
In speaking to those who are older, use the right term of respect.
When facing your teachers and elders, don’t show off or try to look smart.


长者立 幼勿坐 长者坐 命乃坐
When an older person is standing, children should not take a seat.
But wait till the elder is seated, and then sit when you are told.


进必趋 退必迟 问起对 视勿移
Be swift when it’s time to move forward ; go last when it’s time to return.
Stand up to answer when questioned, your gaze held steady and calm.


第三章 谨 (On Being Careful)

朝起早 夜眠迟 老易至 惜此时
In the morning it’s best to rise early, at night you should go to bed late.
Cherish the time that is left you, don’t expect that older age will wait.


衣贵洁 不贵华 上循分 下称家
What matters with clothes is they’re clean, not whether they’re stylish or fine.
Wear what is suitable for you, accords with your status and means.


对饮食 勿拣择 食适可 勿过则 
Don’t get attached to good flavors, or pick out the best foods and drink.
Eat just enough to get full, and never take more than you need.

年方少 勿饮酒 饮酒醉 最为丑
Whatever your age or position, don’t drink liquor or take harmful drugs. 
Drunks are disgraceful and ugly, drugs bring you misery and shame.


步从容 立端正 揖深圆 拜恭敬
Your walk should be easy and graceful, stand with your back tall and straight.
Salute other people sincerely, make full bows with respect.


缓揭帘 勿有声 宽转弯 勿触棱
When you open a door, best be careful, do it gently, without too much noise.
Go wide when you’re turning a corner, don’t trip on the legs of the chairs.


事勿忙 忙多错 勿畏难 勿轻略
Avoid doing things in a hurry, haste leads to many mistakes.
Neither fear the difficult jobs, nor skip over simpler chores.


斗闹场 绝毋近 邪僻事 绝勿问
Never go near rowdy place, or where you see fight going on.
Gossip about things improper, is better not to pass on.


将入门 问谁存 将上堂 声必扬
Before you step through a doorway, ask first if there’s someone inside.
Then when you enter the room, raise your voice to show you’ve arrived.


人问谁 对以名 吾与我 不分明
If someone should ask who you are, never respond, “It is me .”
Answer by giving your name, or you’ve not make a clear reply.


用人物 须明求 倘不问 即为偷
Be sure that you first get permission, before using people’s possessions.
If you use it but don’t ask the owner, then stealing is what you have done.


借人物 及时还 人借物 有勿悭
If you borrow an item from someone, make sure you return it in time.
When people ask you for something, loan it to them whenever you can.


第四章 信 (On Being Honest)

凡出言 信为先 诈与妄 奚可焉
Honesty is most important, in choosing the words that we speak.
When was it ever permitted, to say things dishonest and false?


话说多 不如少 惟其是 勿佞巧
To talk just a little is better than to chatter non-stop all day long.
Stick to the facts and speak briefly; don’t use cunning or flowery words.


刻薄语 秽污词 市井气 切戒之
Harsh words and vulgar expressions, cheap talk and words that are cruel,
Jargon, slang and swearing; All talk such as this we avoid.


见未真 勿轻言 知未的 勿轻传
If you haven’t seen something quite clearly, don’t pretend that you know .
If you’re mot sure what actually happened, don’t spread the story around.


事非宜 勿轻诺 苟轻诺 进退错
When you know that a matter is wrong , don’t carelessly take part .
If you just go along with the crowd , then your are certain to make a mistake.


凡道字 重且舒 勿急疾 勿模糊
When you speak , say the words clearly . distinctly and smoothly they flow .
If you talk too fast , no one will heed you . The same if you mumble too slow .


彼说长 此说短 不关己 莫闲管
Some like to talk about good points, others enjoy finding faults .
If something is none of your business, simply pay no attention at all.


见人恶 即内省 有则改 无加警
When you notice a person’s bad habits , look for the fault in yourself .
Correct it at once if you find it , and work harder still if you don’t .


惟德学 惟才艺 不如人 当自励
If your virtue and learning and talents , don’t measure up to your friends’,
Then spur yourself on to try harder . Accept nothing less than your best .


若衣服 若饮食 不如人 勿生戚
If your clothes are seldom in fashion, and your home is quite simple and plain ,
While your friends have the newest and finest ,don’t worry and never complain .


闻过怒 闻誉喜 损友来 益友却
If hearing your faults makes you angry ,if you like it when praise comes your way ;
Harmful friends will draw near you , and wholesome friends will stay away .


闻誉恐 闻过欣 直谅士 渐相亲
If compliments make you uneasy , and hearing your faults makes you glad ,
Forgiving and straight forward friends , will gradually come to your side .

无心非 名为错 有心非 名为恶
When an error is not made on purpose , we call it a simple mistake .
But evil is what we consider , wrong that is purposefully done .


过能改 归於无 倘掩饰 增一辜
If you can reform your offenses , your faults by themselves disappear .
But trying to cover them over , make offenses more severe .


第五章 泛 爱 众 (On Cherishing All Living Beings)

凡是人 皆须爱 天同覆 地同载
For all creatures throughout the world , we should cherish a kindred regard .
The sky covers all of us equally . The earth supports all humankind .


行高者 名自高 人所重 非貌高
People whose conduct is fine , are sure to have good reputations .
Good conduct is what we respect ; Fine looks cannot bring people honor .


才大者 望自大 人所服 非言大
People with outstanding talents , rightfully earn their prestige .
Achievements are what we admire ; braggarts don’t gain our respect .


己有能 勿自私 人有能 勿轻訾
Don’t use for selfish advantage , your own special talents and skills .
The abilities others may have , should never be envied or scorned .


勿诌富 勿骄贫 勿厌故 勿喜新
It’s not right to flatter the rich , or act arrogant towards the poor .
Old things need not be rejected , new things are not always good .


人不闲 勿事搅 人不安 勿话搅
When you see that a person is busy , leave him alone till he’s free .
If you see that a person’s upset , don’t annoy him with idle chatter .


人有短 切莫揭 人有私 切莫说
Although you may know someone’s faults ,there’s no need to spread them about .
The personal business of others , should not be the subject of talk .


道人善 即是善 人知之 愈思勉
Now praising the virtues of others ,is itself a virtuous deed .
When people hear of those good points , they will want to emulate them .


扬人短 即是恶 疾之甚 祸且作
Talking of others shortcomings , in itself is a karmic offense .
When slander goes far beyond reason , disaster will surely result .


善相劝 德皆建 过不规 道两亏
We develop our virtue together , by urging each other towards goodness .
If we don’t regulate our bad habits , then we all will have strayed from the path .


凡取与 贵分晓 与宜多 取宜少
As to things that you give and you get ,their value will differ: you should be clear .
Make sure the amount that you give , is more than what you receive .


将加人 先问己 己不欲 即速已
Don’t simply pass on to others , a job you yourself wouldn’t do .
First ask , “Would I be willing ?” if not , let the matter stop there .


恩欲报 怨欲忘 报怨短 报恩长
Kindness must be returned , let enmity just fade away .
Grudges are better forgotten , while kindness increases each day .


待婢仆 身贵端 虽贵端 慈而宽
Let the virtue of your right conduct , set the standards for your employees .
With your character proper and just , let your heart be forgiving and kind .


势服人 心不然 理服人 方无言
If you try to rule others by force , you will never win over their hearts .
If you lead them with virtue and reason ,they will never have cause to complain .


第六章 亲 仁 (On Drawing Near To Good-Hearted People)

同是人 类不齐 流俗众 仁者稀
We live on the earth all together , but we people are not all the same ,
There are many who follow the crowd ; yet few who are truly humane .


果仁者 人多畏 言不讳 色不媚
Yet those who are truly humane , intimidate average souls .
Because they’re direct and outspoken , and because they won’t flatter and please .


能亲仁 无限好 德日进 过日少
To draw near to such wholesome people . Will bring on immeasurable good .
Our virtues increase day by day , our faults bit by bit disappear .


不亲仁 无限害 小人进 百事坏
To fail to draw near good advisors , will bring immeasurable harm ,
Unworthy people will prosper , and all sorts of bad deeds will be done .


第七章 学 文 (On Studying Whenever You Can)

不力行 但学文 长浮华 成何人
Being a scholar has value , if we cultivate what we have learned .
When knowledge is gained to no purpose , then what can we hope to become ?


但力行 不学文 任己见 昧理真
But those who exclusively work , and know nothing of reason and truth ,
Will rely on their own narrow vision ; Their judgment will be uninformed .


读书法 有三到 心眼口 信皆要
The way to success in your studies , is to focus attention on three :
Trust to your eyes , mouth , and mind .Believe these are all that you need .


方读此 勿慕彼 此未终 彼勿起
Study one book at a time , don’t let concentration diverge .
Stick with this topic till finished , only then choose another to learn .


宽为限 紧用功 工夫到 滞塞通
Budget your time for one project , and then work as hard as you can .
When your efforts come up to the mark , quite naturally you’ll understand .


心有疑 随札记 就人问 求确义
When a question comes up in your reading , make notes of it while you recall .
The first chance you get , ask an expert , to settle it once and for all .


房室清 墙壁净 几案洁 笔砚正
Keep your room tidy and neat , with the walls uncluttered and clean .
Your desk should be kept in good order : with papers and pens well arranged .


墨磨偏 心不端 字不敬 心先病
If your tools are scattered and dull , it’s certain your thoughts are the same .
When a mind’s lost its right concentration , poor writing reveals its state .


列典籍 有定处 读看毕 还原处
Each of the books that you read , should have its own place on the rack .
After you’ve finished your study . Carefully put the books back .


虽有急 卷束齐 有缺坏 就补之
Although you may be in a hurry , close up your books properly .
If you damage the cover or pages , repair the book before you leave .


非圣书 屏不视 蔽聪明 坏心志
Teachings that don’t come from sages , are words that we don’t need to read ,
These books cover over our wisdom , and undermine our resolve .


勿自暴 勿自弃 圣与贤 可驯致
Don’t let your instincts control you , or waste time in idle pursuits .
Work hard and become worthy Sages . We all can harvest these fruits !



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